Tulare City School District Independent Study Program

Program Administrator - Ira Porchia

Head Teacher - Vicki Stewart

Program Teacher Email Addresses:
Mrs. Stewart = vstewart@tcsdk8.org
Mrs. Purkiss = rpurkiss@tcsdk8.org
Mrs. Riggins = triggins@tcsdk8.org
Mrs. DeSantiago = mdesantiago@tcsdk8.org
Mrs. Garcia-DeOrta = kgarcia-deorta@tcsdk8.org
Mr. Pablo Jimenez = pj3426@tcsdk8.org
Mrs. Jessica Gonzales- Santos = jgonzalez-santos@tcsdk8.org
Mr. Juarez = sjuarez@tcsdk8.org
Mr. Jeffrey Vieira = jvieira@tcsdk8.org

  • How to Enroll - Visit your student's regular school of residence or call number below:

  • TCSD IS Program Office Main number = 559-837-1880

Extension 1 = Registration/Enrollment and Program Overview Help

Extension 2 = Connect with office staff to obtain technology

Extension 3 = Contact your student(s) Independent Study Teacher for help with connecting/using online program

Extension 4 = Connect with TCSD IT Department for technical help with technology

Extension 5 = General Voicemail box for a call back from Program Administration Staff

  • Technology Help Request Form (intended for internal use by TCSD I.S. Teachers. Parents/Student should use phone number to first contact their teacher to help with submitting this technology support request)